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Benidorm, innovation and technology laboratory with Demium star-tup incubator

On September 17, at the Torrejó Building, the presentation of the proposals will take place and the selection process will begin, looking for talent and capacity

Benidorm, innovation and technology laboratory with Demium star-tup incubator

This morning was presented, along with the Territorial Director of the East Zone of Demium Incubator of start-ups, Jaime Guillot, the initiative that has been set in Benidorm for the genesis of companies that provide new solutions to the needs of tourism management.

It has been noted that this new challenge that adds Benidorm in undertaking, will mean a reputational advance and positioning of the city itself to find a vertical initiative in Tourism and Travel within the framework of the application of New Technologies in reference to the reality of management of an Smart Tourism Destination as Benidorm, which is a benchmark in Innovation, and governance.

The Valencian Demium is implemented in seven countries (Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Greece) and within them in capitals and major cities, with an investment hub in London to attract funding. Benidorm now joins this group of cities with emerging business incubators (StartUps) for the success of its dynamism and amount of talent in managing the tourism model that makes it an example to follow.

Benidorm is a real innovation and technology laboratory that generates employment and attracts talent and investment. Jaime Guillot confirmed these words and said that "Benidorm for us is a winning bet, is one of the main tourist capitals of Europe and has a lot of talent that we want to take advantage of.

Guillot explained that "Demium focuses on assembling equipment and developing business models, helping in the initial phase. For the company, "the challenge is to attract talent," warning that the fact of undertaking "is not easy, nor is it for everyone, because of the risks involved. What Demium will do, Guillot said, is "create the basis for those who are capable to achieve it".

All those who have talent, ideas, vocation and capacity, and who assume the risk of starting a new company from scratch, are therefore encouraged to attend the appointment with Demium.

The first call for ideas and talent will take place on September 17 at Plaza del Torrejó (Torrejó Square), where the initiative will be presented and the selection will begin, forming groups that include the three basic profiles "in sales, leadership capacity, development and marketing" of the teams that lead them to validate a minimum viable product (MVP) "that attracts investors, finds markets, constitutes a company and obtains financing," said Guillot.

The selected candidates will be integrated in the AllStartUp, which will take place in Benidorm between 25 and 27 October, where Demium will provide business ideas validated in other countries that can be implemented to solve previously detected issues.

Previously "needs and problems of the day to day to try to solve them with these startups" will be identified in a meeting with businessmen of the sector (Pain Day) that will be celebrated in imminent dates, Guillot advanced.

This incubation program aims to achieve emerging companies that become the spearhead and export the idea consolidated and viable with companies based in Benidorm that generate employment and structure in this city. "The goal is to constitute 5 to 10 companies a year so that in five or eight years we can have a business network of fifty or sixty companies generating half a thousand new jobs based on technology.

Demium has a business viability index of 75% when identifying business models and applying them, obtaining adequate financing.

The private initiative Tourist-Lab of local businessman José Such joins the initiative by offering its coworking space.