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Punta Garbí


The dive possibilities around Benidorm Island are numerous and cater for all levels of training.

At  Punta  Garbí  we  can  moor  the  dive  vessel  to  a  buoy  that  is  directly  above  a  platform  that drops from 4m to 20m offering us a spectacular vertical drop off where we can catch sight of octopus and moray eels in the rock face as we descend.

The dive consists of following the wall, keeping it our right in a westerly direction and exploring the multitude of nooks and crannies home to the varied marine life. This wall has several big vertical cracks where grouper tend to find  refuge.  The  roofs  of  the  cracks  are  covered  in  yellow  anenomies.  Here  we  frequently encounter different types of nudibranch, a selection of sponges to add plenty of colours to our dive  and  shoals  of  damsel  fish.  The  sea  bed  here  has  a  depth  of  28m  and  a  sandy  bottom where  we  occasionally  encounter  rays.  As  we  follow  an  easterly  course  back  to  the  boat  we cover a sandy area that gradually reduces our depth  bringing us to a rock platform that  turns into a picturesque rock arch. This could be our return point but on this occasion on top of the platform until we reach our starting point where we can leisurely make our safety stop.

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