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Terra Natura Benidorm launches an online tour for visitors to access its facilities virtually

A way to make it easier for any family who wishes to do so to virtually visit your facilities and meet the animals that live there

Terra Natura Benidorm launches an online tour for visitors to access its facilities virtually

The 360-degree virtual tour, which is totally free, allows visitors to visually tour the different thematic areas of this conservation space, where more than 1,500 animals of 200 species live together, almost 100 of which are protected or in danger of extinction. The internet user can find an area view of the entire park or access the areas that recreate Pangea, America, Asia or Europe.

Within each area, users can discover emblematic species that inhabit them such as Asian elephants, Indian rhinos, Bengal tigers, Siamang monkeys, capuchin monkeys, tropical birds in the aviary, among others. The tour is produced in an intuitive and simple way in order to promote the popularization of science about these species in order to encourage conservation and awareness of them.

The tour allows the internet user to enjoy the vision of various areas of Terra Natura Benidorm. It also offers the public the possibility of capturing panoramic photos of the spaces through which the virtual visit is made, which can then be shared on their social networks. Another section of this website includes an interactive map, where families can directly access the thematic areas of the park and observe a total view of the meadows and enclosures of some animals.

During the tour, users are accompanied by an explorer who will reveal curious data and characteristics of the animals in this conservation centre, and will provide them with exclusive photos of these animals to obtain a unique and special view of them. The initiative has been specially designed to provide the family public with a new digital leisure tool.

You can access the virtual tour HERE