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The Levante Cycling Ring disposes of totems with cyclist transit counter.

The set of cycle lanes, cycle streets, cycle paths and cycle ring exceeds 90 km in the Municipal District.

The Levante Cycling Ring disposes of totems with cyclist transit counter.

The Levante Cycling Ring is fully operational, and since this early morning it has totems that count the traffic of cyclists through it. These have the capacity to distinguish the passage of bicycles from other mobility vehicles, and they also have a connection for the operation of the urban traffic system and the Smart Office.

The Levante Ring is completed with a network of connecting branches in the Levante environment, adding a route of almost eleven kilometers to add to the urban structure of fifty-four kilometers of bike lane and another 14 kilometers of cycle streets, reaching a total of 90 kilometers in the network when computing the cycle paths in rural areas.

Benidorm's effort to add kilometres to this network and to improve mobility and safety for all users of the road network and the road cycle is worth mentioning, as is the positive evolution of the initial road cycle network, which is being extended continuously, and the existence of cyclist traffic counters which, in turn, provide information on time and temperature.

The Levante Cycling Ring and connection branches develop the route from the roundabout of the European Community with Europe to the Sanz Hermitage, through the old N-332. It also links up with the section made by the Alicante Provincial Council on CV-753, the road that connects with l'Albir.