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Beret concert

In the Auditori of Julio Iglesias

On the 8th of june , Beret arrives in Benidorm to offer us an incredible concert, the new sensation of urban music in our country.

His talent and a different proposal that praises genres such as reggae, rap and dancehall, make him one of the best known artists of the moment. His latest album is called Ápices, a compendium of songs that dissect feelings and bring us a little closer to Beret's universe. His performance will be at the Julio Iglesias Auditorium in Benidorm.

Alba Ed-Dounia will also act as the opening act for artist Beret, on April 20, at 7:30 p.m. Dj Aitor Belda will also take part, with which Ed-Dounia is on tour with Los 40 Principales.

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