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FuzzVille Festival 2016

The second edition of the Fuzzville Festival will take place on the 9th and 10th of September of 2016 in Benidorm. The famous Memphis Goner Records will inaugurate the records line-up as a special invited.

Fuzzville !!!, rewarded as a Revelation Festival of 2015 in the Awards Fest, is coming back !  The famous Memphis Goner Records will inaugurate the records line-up as a special invited. After the success of its first edition, where were present on the stage  the groups The Pandoras, The Kids, Allah-Las, Jeff The Brotherhood or Dr. Explosion and where were participating records of the independent stage (leading by the famous californian Burger Record) of Holy Cuervo, Sonido Muchacho, Rufus Recordings or Monasterio de Cultura, there is a possibility in the calendar of the festivals on the day 9th and 10th of 2016.

At 9 months of the celebration, this meeting of punk rock start very well by anouncing the presence of the famous Memphis Goner Records. With Goner Records, record and record's shop, situated in  Memphis (Tennessee) there are  Eric Friedl (Oblivians,'68 Comeback) and Zac Ives (The Final Solutions), well-known for having published records of famous punk singer and the garage since 1993. Among those references, there are groups and artists like Jay Reatard, Ty Segall, Oblivians, The Reigning Sound, The King Khan & BBQ Show, the band who was the basis of the record formation, Guitar Wolf.

In 2004, Eric and Zac decided to go on and to inaugurate the record's shop Goner Records and the Goner Festival, as a way to regroup the selling and showcase of all their references and groups. Fuzzville !!! will bring the Goner and Mamplis spirit  to Benidorm with their representatives, who will stage a pop up store on the days 9th and 10th of September during the festival, as did it Burger Records in the previous edition. The californian record will be again in this edition, joined by the various independent and national record that will be anounced over the next months.

On the 9th and the 10th of September, it will take place at the same place in Benidorm and with a big capacity of 1000 participants, so Fuzzville !!! is ready to live again the spirit of the success that managed the last time with its devoted and friendly public. The tickets are not yet available to buy because the organisation keep in reserve the launch of the first surprises for this edition, refering to the different groups but keeps in mind that Goner Records will be there... everything can happen !

For this party , you just have to make a note to come Fuzzville !!! As a purpose for the new year.